Saturday, November 15, 2008

More Cheerleading

Andi had a cheerleading competition today. It marks the end of the football/cheering season. We had a lot of fun doing it. It will be kind of weird having Saturdays and weeknights free now. Maybe now we'll be able to update our blog more than twice a month (but don't count on it).

Here is a video of their routine. They did a great job at it. They were the smallest squad out there, and the cutest! They ended up getting fourth place out of seven teams in their age group. They placed better than the other Royse City team which has professional instructors come out and choreograph their dances for them. Ha ha!


Heather said...

Oh I loved it!!! I wish I wouldn't have been such a whimp and stayed in the warm house yesterday morning! I hope Andi forgot I said I would come...I feel so bad! She is a great cheerleader! I am so proud of her!!!