Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Ok, here goes our Halloween post, only 5 days after the fact. Hey, at least it's within a week.

Here is the house decorating we did for Halloween. The witch on the post that is older than our kids, a "spooky" welcome mat, and some pumpkins. Boo.

Then there are our neighbors across the street ...
I didn't add the blurriness, that's just how our camera is taking pictures when you zoom in. 2.0 Megapixels of glorious blur. Woo hoo! Anyway, they have this elaborate setup and on Halloween night they have a haunted house thing set up in their garage. Cool stuff.

Our kids went like this:
Some may say "Hey, that's cheap, you just put them in their football/cheerleading uniforms". On the contrary, it was not cheap. They were the most expensive Halloween costumes ever.

Soni went dressed as Eeyore.

You may have seen that costume before:

Peyton in 2006

Andi in 2003

Some may say "Hey, that's cheap, you stuck three of your kids in the same costume." I say "Hey, we need to buy a new camera, we have to be cheap."

So there you go, that was the extent of our Halloween this year. Now that it's over, time to put up the Christmas decorations! Woo hoo!