Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Baby Shower

While Jared, our daughters, and I were off traipsing through nature and such, Aubrey threw Sam a baby shower. Why? Because she's a super fantastic person. I just wanted to throw some of her pictures from it up here because it turned out so cool.

These are the coolest cupcakes ever made.

And look how many of them she made. Holy cow!

Mmmmm tasty treats.

Check out all the stuff! Woo hoo!

We got a lot of good stuff. I forgot to register for this, so we'll never know if anyone would have bought it for us. If any of you are looking to spend some money and want to throw some our way, we're registered at Target ;) .

Thanks again to Aubrey. You did a wonderful job. We really appreciate it!


Tiffany said...

Those are cool cupcakes, you will have to tell me how she made them. I could in all possibility be a grandma in (or at least it better be) five years or so. What is the frosting made out of, and how about the faces?

Aubrey said...

I have wanted to throw a baby shower since I bought the Wilton magazine that had this idea in it over two years ago.

The faces, pillows and blankets are all made out of fondant. I tinted them with the same Wilton colors that I use for regular icing (small jars with white lids-do not use the kind in the droppers), just make sure you knead it in really really well. It works a lot like modeling clay, though each piece has to be kneaded as you go to get it smooth. You can also roll it out like cookie dough (use powdered sugar instead of flour). As long as everything has a fine dust of sugar on it it won't stick to stuff. I made the heads and pillows, hooked them together then put on the faces. Then I made some fondant pink and left some white. I rolled each section out a little bit then stacked them together and rolled them out thinner. I used a small scalloped cookie cutter to cut out the blankets and then rolled them out even more individually, I was hoping you would really be able to tell that the top and bottom of the blankets were different colors but you couldn't really see it after they were rolled out the second time.

When you're trying to attach two pieces together, like the faces and pillows, just use a litte water. I iced the cupcakes generously with buttercream (1 c. butter, 4 c. sifted powered sugar, 2 T. Milk and one teaspoon vanilla) and then set all the stuff on. I used a mini marshmallow for the baby body under the blanket and I used the little round sprinkles and some tweezers to put in the eyes. The mouths and the eyes that are shut were done with Wiltons Icing Writers, which are just food safe markers.

Fondant is really easy to work with, this was the first time I had tried it. Almost everything I know about it I learned from Ace of Cakes :), though my mom did tell me that it was easy and to make sure the keep the powdered sugar close.

I am glad that the shower went as well as it did and you guys are very welcome! I can't wait to hold that little girl...