Sunday, November 04, 2007

Father Daughter Campout

Our ward had a father daughter camp out on Friday night. Andi and I went with Jared and Tess. It was pretty fun. Andi was a good sport about it and had a lot of fun. Here are some pictures.

Andi liked out tent.

She liked the inflatable mattress too, until it deflated.

We brought her bike with us. She liked going downhill.

This is one of her friends that she saw there, Allie Cox.

Another friend of hers, McKenzie. Andi liked wearing the glow stick from the night before, even though it was daylight and the stick had stopped glowing.

And of course Tess was there too.

I gave her that bag of Halloween candy to eat on the way home. For some reason she didn't want to eat her lunch.

Woo hoo for camping!

The remaining pictures were taken by Andi while I was packing up the tent and stuff.

That's McKenzie's dad Chris helping me get the gigantic tent into the teenie tiny bag.

There's our van.

There's our van again. She took seven pictures of our van.

There's a fingerprint and someone not ready for a picture.

Jared hauling his tent to the van.

That's me doing something manly.

I think she was fascinated by the barbeque because she took five pictures of it.


Cocoa said...

Why oh why don't they do that here? Can you imagine how quiet my house would be and how much I would get done?

Tiffany said...

I know, it always seems to be dads and sons getting to do things here as well. No fun or the daughters.

Tiffany said...

I forot to mention how long Andi's hair is getting. She must be finally out of the stage of pulling it out huh?

Cam said...

Andi still twists the hair on the left side of her head when she's really tired. She's better at not getting it into huge knots.

Montse, I don't know if you'd know what to do if Joseph took all your girls camping. It would be a shock to your system.

Sami said...

I personally preferred the father/son campout, because it was so much easier to just have Andi for the night. I'm sure that will change when she's a teenager, and no longer thinks that I'm the best or smartest anything. Here's a tip: 4 preschool/toddler boys, 2 grown women, and Panda Express DO NOT MIX!