Sunday, September 09, 2007

Nothing Happening

Nothing much has been happening here lately. Jared and I had a little adventure going to work on Tuesday. You can read his account of it here if you're interested. To summarize, we took a shortcut to avoid some traffic and ended up having to slog through three feet of mud on a county road. Our shortcut made up 2 1/2 hours late for work.

Yesterday we were at the store, and Dylan was helping me push the cart. After a minute of helping me push he said "Dad, my pants are falling down." I looked down and his pants were around his ankles. It happened once more before we left the store. Good thing he's too young to get embarrassed about stuff like that.

The NFL season is starting this week. Woo hoo! I predict that tomorrow night the 49ers will beat the Cardinals 154 to 12. If my job were to set the betting lines in Vegas, I wouldn't be very good at it.