Saturday, September 15, 2007

Next Summer's Hero Guy

I was looking around on the internet and found something that is kind of cool, but kind of unnerving at the same time. It looks like they're making an Ironman movie that will open next summer.
I don't know much about Ironman. He looks cool and all, and I'll probably end up watching the movie eventually because I'll watch just about any superhero movie at least once. Unless they make a movie about quail man, then I'll have to pass.

That's Sam's brother Barton, if you were wondering.

The unnerving thing about Ironman is, if you watch the trailer, you'll notice that Ironman/Tony Stark is played by Robert Downey Jr. I though that Robert Downey Jr. had died like eight years ago or something, but nope, he's alive and well and playing Ironman. What's next, are they going to make a Batman movie and have some pansy like Val Kilmer or George Clooney play Batman?


Mandy said...

I have some old Iron-man cartoons from the 1960s where the characters don't move but a cutout with a human mouth behind it does. Very lame. That new movie looks awesome though. Thanks for spotlighting it, I hadn't heard yet. Then again, I didn't hear about the Transformers movie until my husband started obsessing about the release date. Now both my little boys (husband and son) are obsessed with anything that goes fast, crashes, or blows up.

Cam said...

I was going to comment that any movies that has stuff blowing up is cool. Then I remembered watching Iron Eagle 4 or 17 or something with my brother in law. That wasn't very cool at all.

I hadn't heard about the Iron Man movie until I stumbled upon it on You Tube. The trailer looks pretty slick. I hope it's good.