Saturday, March 31, 2007

Night at the Movies

So, Sam and I got a babysitter and went out on a date tonight. We went to see Premonition, which wasn't terrible, but left you kind of scratching your head and wondering, "What the heck?" Not because it was necessarily a deep thinking movie, there were just some plot holes that didn't make a lot of sense. Between that movie and The Lake House, Sandra Bullock should not make any more movies that involve an uneven space-time continuum. Unless of course she's on a bus with a bomb traveling through time. Hmmmm.

One super annoying thing happened at the movie. Some dude sat right next to me. The theater was full, so I guess it wasn't such a big deal, and it wouldn't have been if this guy wasn't one of the most annoying human beings on the planet. The dude had a popcorn bag that he kept closing the top and re-opening it, and when he took popcorn out of it, he shifted his hand around in it for five seconds as if he were searching for a prize in the bottom of the bag. And he kept making stupid comments to his wife through the whole movie, like "It looks like she isn't wearing makeup", and "I think here's where that bird dies". Way to point out the obvious, Sherlock. I wonder if he watches basketball and makes comments like "He's going to shoot his free throw here" and "They're scoring more points, they're winning." If I wake up in the morning and it turns out that it's actually last Monday morning instead of tomorrow, I'll tell Sam to warn me today to not let anyone sit in the seat next to me at the movies.

I'm adding that guy to my "Book of Transgressions". I don't know his name, or even what he looks like, but he's going in the book between people who already pre-ordered Harry Potter Book 7 and guys in pickup trucks that take up two parking spots.

I'm thinking of writting a fan letter to Sandra Bullock. It will go something like this.

Dear Sandra,

I loved you in Speed. That whole bomb on the bus thing was awesome. Great idea. I have enjoyed some of your other movies, most of which I cannot remember.

However, I would like to have about 12 hours of my life back. You may ask why, and I will tell you. I have sat through a number of horrendous movies in which you are the lead actress. These movies include, but are not limited to:
Miss Congeniality
Miss Congeniality 2
28 Days
Two Weeks Notice
The Lake House
Forces of Nature
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

I haven't seen the last two movies listed, but if I could get some hours of my life placed in an escrow account just in case, that would be fabulous.

Thank you for your time, and please don't make The Lake House 2.


Tiffany said...

Now you are getting personal. I happen to be one of those "Guys" that park in two places, at least on occasion. It's because of the "guys" in the little cars who don't care how far they open their doors. I have even been known to take up four spots, so "HA!" Not much you can do about it. lol