Tuesday, March 20, 2007


The other day, Sam and I woke up to a sad realization. We are infested. The other morning there were these creatures all over our bed. They smelled funny, kicked in their sleep, and had sharp elbows. We decided that we need to have our bedroom sprayed for children. Maybe that will help.

That reminds me of an episoded of That 70's Show that I saw a while back. Red, the dad on the show, come into his living room where all the kids were hanging out. He looked around and said "This place is always littered with children. What are we, Mormons?" A ha! That must be what our problem is.

Topher Grace, one of the kids from That 70's Show, is going to play Venom in Spider-Man 3 (coming to theaters May 4th). When I heard that, I thought "Yeah, good choice of Topher Grace to play a bad guy. No one strikes fear into the hearts of men more than Topher Grace." I'm sure the movie will be way cool. It looks like in this clip there are two other villains, so it's not like Spider-Man will poke Topher in the eye and then sit around for another hour and a half talking about his feelings. I'm sure it will be one of the movies that we go to see in the theater this summer.

One movie we didn't get around to seeing until just now is The Departed. I thought it looked pretty good from the previews. I had second thoughts about it when it won the Best Picture award, since a lot of Best Picture winners are artsy fartsy. We rented it this weekend. It wasn't too bad. I had a good plot and kept your interested. It is rated R, so you may not want to watch it with kids, unless you want them to see people getting shot in the head or learning how to use the F word in all of the parts of speech.

To end, here is my word definition for the day.
Depression is: When you look at your can of Mountain Dew and only have a few swallows left. Then when you go to pick up the can, you knock it over and spill half of it on your desk. Then after you clean your mess and take the last drink, it somehow goes down the breathing tube and you end up spitting the rest of it out on your computer. Now you have a sticky monitor and keyboard, and you're still thirsty. Man that sucks.