Tuesday, March 06, 2007

....It's what's for dinner!

If you frequent the Crookston blog, you already know that we had dinner over there last night, and that there was an incident with Noah. Nothing major, just blaming Dylan for something he didn't do...anyway, my story has virtually nothing to do with that story, other than it involves Dylan...Anyway, we were sitting eating dinner, which was some really tasty Mac and Cheese. I didn't actually see what happened, because I was feeding Peyton, but apparently, Dylan had an itch or something, so he stuck his finger down in his diaper to scratch it. (At least I hope that's the only reason he would stick his finger down there...) Well, he was messy, as in "code brown" so he ended up with some on his finger. My brilliant boy, instead of telling someone, decides to do a taste test! Apparently it wasn't as tasty as dinner was, and he proceeded to throw up all over his plate. Maybe next time...wait, hopefully there won't be a next time! Moral of the story (as determined by Aubrey and I through the course of the evening): BOYS ARE GROSS! I guess I should more specifically say that MY boys are gross, but let's not be prejudicial here!


Tiffany said...

Oh, that is so gross. I can beat it though! My little brother did the same thing, only before he could do the taste test, my little sister saw his piece of chocolate, swipped it off his finger and ate it. Talk about nasty!!!