Monday, August 28, 2006

World Trade Center

Sam and I went to the movies while we were on our house hunting trip in Texas. We decided to see "World Trade Center". We didn't have the older kids with us, but we had Peyton there.

It started off good. It was eery watching a movie about 9-11. When the tower fell, the special effects they made for it were really good. A little too good even. How did they know what it was like? It's like one of the survivors was telling their story or something.

Well, the guys got covered in building, and then Peyton decided he didn't want to be quiet any more. The rest of the movie was pretty much like this for me:

The guys are in the rubble telling each other to stay awake.

Peyton makes sure everyone in the theater is awake by screaming.

Hey, there's Curtis from 24.
If you blinked, you might have missed Curtis

Hey, there goes that idiot with the baby again.

The movie's over. I'm guessing Nic Cage and the other guy made it out of the building.

There you go, that's my review of World Trade Center. Now I need to go take care of the screaming baby.