Wednesday, August 16, 2006

First Class

Last week I had a flight to Dallas from Reno. The company that flew me out for some reason put me in first class. When I saw that on the ticket, I told Sam to hurry and iron my best t shirt and cut off jeans, cause I needed to look swanky. So the day of the flight I all get to the gate, and they announce that they're boarding the first class passengers. So, a bunch of yuppies who you could tell thought way too much of themselves got in line to board the plane. So I think to myself, great, I'm going to be in the section with all the hippies.

I get on the plane and sit down in my first class seat. I really liked it because it's a big seat and well, I have a big butt. We take off and they're all going through the announcements and stuff and they say that they're serving a beverage and a snack. So I'm like, "Cool, a pack of peanuts and half a can of Coke. Woo hoo!" They start handing out the snacks for first class, and it turned out to be a warm cup of nuts and I got to keep the can. (I could have even gotten liquored up, but I chose not to because I was going to drive. That, and I don't drink.) They handed out those hot towel things too. What the heck are those for, anyway?

Then later on, they start giving you food and I'm thinking "Holy crap, you get food if you're in first class. In coach, you have to eat the stray children." I eat my food, and they give me more Coke. Then later on they handed out another snack. And more Coke. (Mountain Dew was not available on the plane, darn it.) I'm all shifting around in my big seat, drinking as much Coke as I want, and having a good old time.

By the time the plane landed and I was standing at luggage claim, I was thinking, "They should really have a seperate luggage claim for the first class people so we don't have to stand next to the common folk." I haven't punched myself in the face for being such a hippie yet, but I'm sure I will some time.

Oh yeah, I was flown out there for a job interview. I got the job and we'll be moving to Texas next month. For real.


Jared said...


That's awesome. I'm glad your wife didn't get her hopes up for nothing. Not that I was worried, but still.

So when are you guys coming out to house hunt? Or are you gonna just take the money and move yerselves?

Cam said...

I'm not sure when we'll come out. I'm going to fax the letter of acceptance back today, and I'll probably send Alex and email today as well so we can start getting that figured out. I'm sure we'll drop by your place some time so the wives can meet and stuff. We're excited and a little scared, but looking forward to it.