Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Things I Won't Miss

There will be plenty of things that I will miss about my job with CSC. The people I work with, the program that we've made. But there are a few things that I may not miss so much.

The Halon Tank
The desk I have is two feet away from a big red tank. The big red tank is full of Halon. I was told that the tank was used as a fire extinguishing system because of all the equipment in the building. It's a gas that sucks the oxygen out of the area. So, here I am sitting next to this big red tank full of a deadly gas. The other people in my office refer to me as the parakeet. Ha ha, very funny.

My computer
The computer I work on is ok. But, it does have a few problems. The CD ROM drive is kind of hokey. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. I have to tape down the thing that pops up when the monitor is open. If I don't, then if I bump the computer, the monitor that I have plugged into it goes out for a few seconds and flickers back on. And then if I do anything that is very processor intensive, it eventually just says "No mas" and turns off. Adios Compaq.

Hey, good luck with Kevan Barlow as your running back. Out wait, wrong jets. The jets that fly over my building. Yeah, on approach they turn over my building, and you can hear the sound they make when they turn. So, there are these jets flying over my building carrying a bunch of jet fuel and sometimes explosive ordnance. I have heard military planes refered to as flying spare parts. Hmmm. See ya later Jets.


Anonymous said...

I don't know...With three kids under the age of four I would think "giddines and mildly impaired perception" could come in handy.

Cam said...

Hey, I may need to tap into the Halon a little. What could go wrong?