Monday, April 05, 2010

With Tumbleweed, and Everything!

First of all, I know what you're thinking...Wow! That is really orange, right? Well, bear with me. I decided that we needed a little bit of a blog makeover, and what better look than that of a construction cone? And second of all, this is just sad. 1 post in the entire month of February. NONE in March?! This place has turned into a real life ghost town. Since Cameron claims to have nothing interesting to say, I am taking the reigns. That's right! I will pause for a minute while you jump up and do the dance of joy...done? Okay, good.
This is me, committing to write at least one family update a week, so that those of you whose lives are only worth living when you can read about our nonsense, can feel fulfilled. Normally, I will post on Sunday, but since yesterday was Easter, that idea kinda fell through. So, here you go, the first of many (hopefully) posts about our weekly chaos.

  • Cameron and I forgot that it was Easter this weekend, until Thursday. That's right, folks, we really are THAT oblivious. Cameron went and did some emergency "Easter Bunny" shopping Friday after work. Saturday was then so busy, that we neglected to dye our eggs. So, the Easter Bunny hid plain white eggs, and we dyed them before dinner on Easter Sunday. Don't judge, the kids didn't seem to mind...
  • I had an appointment with my cardiologist on Tuesday. NEWSFLASH!!! My valve leaks! Oh, wait, that's not news. No worries, it's not the valve they just replaced. It's the OTHER one. YEAH ME!!! What does this mean for me? Well, it means I get the pleasure of seeing my Dr. every 6 months, so they can monitor size change for my aorta and heart in general. Who knew that having a big heart was a BAD thing?! Luckily, it could be years and years until any intervention is needed, so I choose to look at it as just another side effect to my oober awesomeness. She did give me the all clear to ride roller coasters, which is awesome, especially considering that we bought season passes to Six Flags this year. How bad would that have been, to spend $50 on a pass, so I could ride the kiddie rides all summer?
  • Cameron and I have recently discovered "How I Met Your Mother" and have gone from never having seen a single episode, to being completely caught up with the rest of the world in 4-6 weeks. Thank you, Netflix, DVD's for purchase, and some website who I question the legality of! You are the best!
  • 5 days and counting until our big date out to see Bon Jovi in concert! WOO HOO!!! That is the main thing that Cameron got me for my birthday this year, but let's face it, it is just as much a gift for him. This is the last show that we are determined to see, so who knows who we will see next. My vote would probably be for Lady Antebellum.
  • I GOT A NEW NEPHEW!!! Brandon and Diedre welcomed their second child to the world on April 3, and he couldn't be cuter. Don't believe me? Well...see for yourself:

His big brother's not half bad either! His name is Barton (yeah, like my other brother) Graham, but they plan to call him "Gray". I don't know what I'll call him yet, but I do know I wanna squish him! You can read about his arrival and all his stats here. Congrats to Brandon and Diedre, I know it's because of Diedre that these kids are so dang cute! Love you guys!

So there you have the most recent happenings around the Carter house. If we've lost our readership, I wouldn't be at all surprised, but please don't give up on us! I will do better...


Bart and Em said...

I love the new look! Super cute! I am excited to hear more updates of our cute nieces and nephews! We love you guys!

Mandy said...

Don't feel bad. I haven't updated my blog since I found facebook. I love reading about you guys though. Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

please keep cory and i in the loop of things. we will definitely need to catch up when you guys come out this summer.
love misty

Anonymous said...

we will definitely need to catch up when you guys come out this summer. keep cory and i in the loop please.