Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cam ♥'s Bon Jovi

I love Bon Jovi! I've been listening to them since I was 12. I've always wanted to see them in concert, and last Saturday Sam and I were able to do just that. We left our kids with Heather (thanks, you're awesome) and took off for a night of awesomeness.

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures. We had descent seats, but every picture I took didn't turn out so well. Here are a couple of them.

Jon and Ritchie signing "I'll Be There For You".

"Every little boy wants to learn to play guitar so he can pick up all the chicks and be a rock and roll star."

The concert was unbelievably awesome. The bands sounds just as good live as they do on their cds. They did a good mix of their new stuff and their older stuff. They filmed the music video for their next single "When We Were Beautiful" at our concert, which will be cool when it comes out. I found this blog that keeps set lists from all their shows, and links to You Tube videos from that show. I hope they're still touring when our kids are older so that we cana take them.

Speaking of kids at the concert, a family that took two of their kids to the concert sat in front of us. The kids looked like 14 and 12. The son got all dressed up for the event:

The picture really doesn't show all aspects of this daring outfit. Lets start at the top; his hair was spray painted silver with streaks of maroon. As you can see on his wrists he wore... what are those even called? Spikey wrist things? You can't see it, but on his right arm we wore a fake tattoo sleeve. And his pants? Zubazs pants! Where do you even find Zubaz any more? Sweet! So, when I end up taking my boys to see Bon Jovi, I will insist they dress like this kid.

Another entertaining attendee sat a few seats away from us. Bless her heart, she danced the night away, albeit crazy looking and off beat. She seriously danced like Elaine on Seinfeld. It can best be described as "a full body dry heave set to music". If you don't know what I'm talking about, start watching this at about the 25 second mark:

Wow, I kind of went off topic there didn't I? Anyway, Bon Jovi Rocks!!! I ♥ Jon, Ritchie, David, and Tico!