Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trick or Treat!

I know, I know, we are nearing the middle of November, and here we are just posting about our Halloween now. Lame, right? We'll try to do better. Now onto my account of the Halloween festivities.

This year, we ended up not going to the Ward Trunk or Treat, for reasons that elude me now. The kids did get dressed up to go Trick or Treating on the night of the 31st though. Cameron took the kids around the neighborhood while I stayed home and passed out candy. This has been the routine the last 3 years, which may sound unfair, but I've usually had good excuses. The first year we moved here, I took the kids around with the Buckley's (our good friends and neighbors) but by the next year, I was VERY pregnant with Soni, so I opted not to aggravate my "temperamental" uterus once again. Last year, I was having too much trouble with physical exertion, so Cameron took the kids around again. This year would have been my year in the rotation, but when I found out that Jordan (Buckley) had the flu, and would not be going Trick or Treating, I emphatically volunteered to stay home once more. I'm sure Cameron appreciated the chance to take the 4 kids by himself again this year, and I assured him that no thanks were necessary. Unlike most years, coming up with a theme was more of a challenge this year. In fact, I think I am going to offer a special Thanksgiving care package to the person who can name what each of my kids were, and how they all fit together as a whole.


Leave a comment naming what each child is, and whatever theme you think they followed this year, and you will receive an entry into our giveaway, that will include, but will not be limited to, a PerfectlySPACED gift card, a candy treat of some sort (depending on the person who wins it), and at least one Holiday decoration to get your place ready for Christmas. If you can't find a theme, don't feel bad. In fact, it's so fantastic I'm sure nobody will get it, but take your best shot!

Without further adieu:





The kids Trick or Treating at our door.
I mainly added this picture so you can see Andi's bottom half since you couldn't see it in the picture above.
We'll announce the winner on Thanksgiving day.


Brooks said...

My guess is the cast from that freaky Wizard of Oz show (not the first one, but the second, which name I cannot remember now for the life of me.) You know, the one with the flying couch and the scary guys with wheels for hands?

Stopping now. Pretty sure I'll have nightmares tonight.

Not that your kids look freaky, they are the nice part of the cast...

Brooks said...

Hey, I'm also thinking of that show where the doll gets stuck in the wash and the witch has youth-giving fruit... you know what I'm talking about. I can't remember the name of it, or even what 80's fad starred in it, but I know that you will.

Wanted to find it on Netflix and watch it to see if it's as scary as I remember it. Much the way I recently watched Pee Wee's Big Adventure to face my fears.

Good luck. I know you won't let me down.

Sami said...

Wasn't that something like the hugabunch something or another? I totally remember the doll in the washing machine though!

Cam said...

Wow, I sure took some great pictures.

beckyjune said...

Well, Sami, it's early and I have no creative juice right now, no idea what theme they were following or if they just chose random, whatever they wanted to be stuff. They look cute anyway. I'm guessing Cameron's going to make you go with him next year :)

LeAnn said...

I've totally got it! It's a Disney theme:

Andi: Hannah Montana
Dylan: Handy Manny
Peyton: The Lion King
Soni: Pirates of the Carribean

They all looks so cute!

Heather said...

Andi is Hannah Montana, although if she had darker hair I know she would have picked to be whats her name from High School Musical instead.
Dylan is Handy Manny (and I should win b/c I gave him that shirt! haha)
Peyton is the cutest lion I have seen.
Soni on the other hand is the best pirate ever!!

I am going with the theme..."Crap, Halloween is tomorrow and we totally don't want to spend a million bucks on costumes!"

Okay, call me the winner! I know I got it!

Allyson said...

Cameron's idea for this year - Mediocre sports teams:
Soni - Pittsburgh Pirates
Peyton - Detroit Lions
Dylan - SF 49ers
Andi - Oklahoma Sooners (because what does a "sooner" even look like?)

Nailed it.

Heather said...

Ah dang...I think Allyson was way more creative than I was...but I know you and I still think I'm right, just not so creative...dangit! She wins!