Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

This morning I ventured to the Wal-Mart in Quinlan for the Black Friday sale. I usually don't do that, but this year they had something we needed, so I braved the crowds to spend our hard earned money. Yeah me. Here is some advice and observations from my trip.

  • I thought about wearing some black spandex shorts to the store in honor of Black Friday. Unfortunately, I do not own any spandex shorts. Luckily for me and everyone else waiting for electronic items in the dairy section, a stout 50 year old woman with lots and lots of junk in the trunk wore her spandex shorts proudly.
  • Bring your 10 year old child with you, and put them in charge of grabbing four things from one display. Be sure to load them up with Red Bull and Monster Energy Drink before hand so they have enough energy to fight off the middle aged man going for the same things.
  • Don't be afraid of knocking someone over to grab a copy of Candy Land, even if it isn't on sale. Christmas is all about violence!
  • Someone had a great idea that I wish I had thought of: Bring your two year old child to the store with you. Who doesn't like a cranky two year old that is awake at 3AM. The fun never stops!
  • If your item rings up with the wrong price, the best thing to do is yell at the checker. It is their fault after all, and they did it just to tick you off.


Darin and BettyJo Noe said...

So I work retail this Christmas season, and you wouldn't believe the way people were yelling at the checkers, it was awful! Then of course, I the supervisor walk over to calm the situation and help my hard working very tired checkers, and get yelled at to. Your observations are hilarious, so very sad to say it's true even here in North Dakota! Crazy!!

Brooks said...

Black friday, indeed. What a dark, dark, disturbing day.