Saturday, August 15, 2009

Road Trip

Last week we took our first road trip in years. We went to the Lubbock area to visit our old friends Matt and Becky. Sam and Becky were roommates in college, and we've ended up following them around wherever they move just because they are so cool! This was Soni's first long trip in the car, and our first one since Thanksgiving three years ago. Wow.

The kids did pretty ok in the car. Soni had her moments of being ticked off, but she did pretty well considering how young she is. About halfway there, Peyton started tapping me on the shoulder to ask me if we were there yet. He did it every 5 - 10 minutes. At least he was polite and tapped my shoulder instead of just shouting.

When we moved to Texas, we noticed that in order to be considered a town, a place needs to have a Sonic. Apparently that is just East of DFW, because when you go West, Dairy Queen is the notable restaurant of choice. There were Dairy Queens in towns called Merkel, Clyde, and Baird. Every town had a gas station and a Dairy Queen. I thought it was odd, but I guess I'm just used to it being Sonic. You didn'tt need to know any of that. Sorry.

Here are our kids and the Williams kids. They had lots of fun together. Peyton has been saying that he's going to marry Sarah (the one in yellow). Hailey (in green) is two days older than Dylan. They're all pretty close together in age, so they all had someone to play with.

Saturday morning they formed and band and recorded their first single, "I love you Mommy!"

Becky took us to the Science Spectrum, which was way cool. Dylan keeps saying that he wants to go back. They had a bunch of different "experiement" stations set up. This one had a bunch of water going through it. I'm sure there was some point to learn from it. I learned that if some streange little girl purposely points a squirty thing at my baby and gets her wet, I get mad at said child. Maybe that's what you were supposed to learn.

They had a station set up for bubbles. Dylan was pretty good at making big bubbles like this.

We also went to a park and let the kids play for a couple of hours. Andi, Hailey, and Sarah rode on the tire swing for 15 minutes. They had a lot of fun doing that. Andi said "This is the best vacation ever!" Cool, we don't need to go to Disney World or anything, we just need to find a tire swing. That's quite the difference in price.

We had lots of fun visiting the Williams. We'll have to visit them more often than once every two or three years.


beckyjune said...

WOOHOO!! We are so glad that you guys came to visit :) The girls are still talking about it and keep asking when you're going to come back. Dylan used to say he was going to marry Hailey so we'll see how long Peyton is faithful.

Heather said...

Looks like yall had a blast! Oh and Cam, you just moved to Texas too late. DQ used to be called the Texas Stop sign b/c they were every where and it was AWESOME! Don't get me wrong, I love sonic, but I miss all the DQs!!!

Mandy said...

Price is never a determining factor of a good time for kids. My kids are probably just as happy camping out and looking for bugs. Maybe I could talk Andy into vacationing to see you guys, but I'm pretty sure if we were to drive 1,000 miles, he'd pick disneyland. sorry. no offense. :)