Saturday, May 16, 2009


I feel so betrayed. I thought that I had taught my kids better than this. It just shows you that no matter how hard you try to teach your kids something, they still make their own decisions.

This morning my son was wearing this:

Even though we live near Dallas, I still refuse to cheer for them. It's a matter of principle. The Cowboys and 49ers were bitter rivals in the mid 90's, and I couldn't stand the Cowboys, and that still holds true. I tried to explain that to my kids, but they apparently don't listen. :(

Why does he have this shirt? Sam's friend Heather gave it to us because her son outgrew it. <sarcasm>Thanks, Heather.</sarcasm>

Oh, and if you like the Cowboys and are going to tell me the 49ers stink, let me ask you this: What year did the Cowboys last win a playoff game? 1997? The 49ers won one in 2002. Ha!


Mandy said...

you've got to admit he looks pretty cute.

Anonymous said...

cam thats just way to funny and cool. and i love the cowboys. sorry we all can't be like you!

Heather said...

What's even better is what i taught him to say..."Hey Peyton, who rules?"
Peyton- "Cowboys RULE!"
I was so proud to teach him that! The first time he said it to Cam, he told him to get out of his house! hahahaha