Saturday, December 06, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

Peyton is in a Christmas mood, probably because he knows he'll get stuff.


beckyjune said...

Well HO HO HO to you, Sami. You were the winner of the little scrapbooking prize on my blog. I didn't even cheat and just pick you because you are the best!! I used a random number generator and you were the lucky duck that got picked. So, be watching the mail for a little scrapbooking surprise from yours truly :) Miss you more.

jmhunter said...

hey its jerry your long lost cousin i just stopped at my moms and read your letter you sent her its good to hear that you and the kids are doing good they are so cute i cant belive how much they look like cam. you guys missed seeing cam favorite cousin jason and yes he is still fat more now then ever i walked in and i thought my mom had brought home a beached whale i gave him the usually hard time and i had a good laugh made my day.. i no its not nice but it is somthing to see the walking dead the guy is so big he cant breath. anyways enough with the family reunion just wanted to stop by and say that me and savannah are doing good and she cant wait for xmas i hope you guys have a good xmas and hope to see you sometime take care jerry and Savannah