Thursday, December 04, 2008

"Gingerbread" "House"

Andi's school had a gingerbread house making activity tonight, where everyone go to put together their own gingerbread house as a family. Except, it was graham crackers instead of gingerbread, if we're splitting hairs. The kids were excited to do it, because we haven't really had a tradition of making gingerbread houses. The last one we did was 8 years ago. We ended up making a trailer house, complete with a large satellite dish in the backyard, mainly because we couldn't figure out how to make a stupid roof thingy.

We got there and there were a lot of people already under way, making nice little houses that were decorated with gum drops and M&Ms and what not. We picked a spot and got to work.

Here the kids are anxiously waiting for the house to be done so they could decorate it. It's good to teach your kids disappointment at an early age.

Dylan waiting for it to be done already.

No, Peyton didn't just sit there and eat the candy. Why would a two year old do that?

After several attempts and many failures, I was finally and miraculously able to get a make shift structure that stood up and didn't fall down when it was breathed on. It wasn't pretty by any means:
Hey Andi, smile next to your wicked cool gingerbread house! Dylan shows his disapproval of the lack of architectural integrity of our "house". Sorry buddy.

This is what the final thing ended up looking like. Ummm, I'm not proud of it, but hey, look at it standing up under the weight of the candy! Woo hoo! We named it the Hurricane Ike inspired outhouse. It probably wouldn't have been so bad if I would have just let Sam do it and didn't keep knocking the roof over with my large, shaky hands. "I have such fat hands!"

Maybe we'll practice a little more so next year we can upgrade from an outhouse back up to a trailer house with the satellite dish.


Heather said...

I would eat it! Looks tasty and that's all that matters!