Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A New Post!!!

Wow, it's been over two weeks since we've posted anything. Oops. Sorry. I guess that "something" post didn't count. I did that because I thought "I really should put something on the blog." So I did. Ba-dum-cha. Sadly, even though it's been a while, I still can't think of any one big event that's happened that I can stretch out into one post. So, here are some quick thoughts of stuff that's happened.

We kind of got hit by hurricane Ike when that passed through Texas. By hit I mean the eastern most part of it passed over us after it had degraded to a tropical storm. It wasn't really all that bad, it was like a really long thunderstorm without the thunder and with more wind. I think the worst thing that happened to me because of the hurricane (besides a raise in gas prices) was I got the song "Rock You Like a Hurricane" stuck in my head for a week. It's much funner to play on Guitar Hero than it is to watch the music video.

Dylan's team won their first football game Saturday. Woo hoo! It had nothing to do with the fact that I was running the scoreboard. Honest. I wasn't planning on running the scoreboard. I went to the press box to sort of announce, and nobody else was up there to do it, so lucky me I got a crash course in scoreboard running. As soon as I got up there, the officials were signaling for me to change the clock to eight minutes. (That's pretty easy to do, if you have four minutes to kill.) Eventually I figured it out, and despite the protests from the visiting Greenville parents, our team won 98 to 6. Muhahahaha. It was like our team was made up of little Mike Ditkas.

No matter how hard I tried, I could not stay awake through the entire CSI: Miami season premiere last night. I used to love that show, now it's like Nytol to me. I guess it's Horatio Caine's soothing voice that does it.

We bought some Dr. Pepper last week. It had Cowboys logos on it to commemorate the final season in Texas Stadium. I feel all dirty now for having drank from a can with a Cowboys logo on it. It's just wrong.

Soni has like six or seven teeth now and is pretty sturdy when she pulls herself up on things. The fourth kid sure grows up fast. Every time I turn around she's doing something new. I feel old.

I'm sure there's more stuff than that, I just can't remember anything right now. I should take notes because I'm starting to lose my memory.


Heather said...

YOU FORGOT ABOUT OUR AWESOME GAME NIGHT!! We have a new tradition here mister...

Mandy said...

Um...I hate to bring this up..but your title "A New Post" kinda gets old after the first few days. :) I love you guys. I wish I were better about keeping up too. Lately I've kinda been burning the candle at both ends and rational thoughts are an enigma by the end of the day.
P.S. the word of the day is"yppagp." I hate those word verification letters to test your humanity.

Cam said...

Heather, sorry. SLipped my mind because there's not much space up there.

Mandy, good point. I didn't think of that when I wrote it.