Saturday, September 06, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football

You may being saying "Holy cow, three posts about a football game?" Well, compadre, it's going to be four after get a video clip uploaded.

Andi on the field ready to go.

Dylan with his team on the field.

Andi and her team (all three of them) ready to cheer.

Dylan is on the field in this picture. He's the kid the coach is trying to push up to the line. Why was Dylan reluctant to line up? The other team had two HUGE (for their age) kids in there on the line that probably outweighed him two to one. Dylan was supposed to block. After the first play, instead of blocking, he would assume the "don't kill me" position or the "protect the groin"position instead of actually blocking. I can't say that I blame him. He didn't play a whole lot because the coach kept having to push him up to the line for every play. Maybe next week.

Dylan and the bench warmers are in the background, with Andi in the middle of a cheer in front.

Final score: Panthers 46, Dawgs 30. We scored thirty points!!! Woo hoo! Not bad considering the pair of opposing giant kids, who I think ended up eating one of the kids on our team before the game ended.

Here's what Peyton was doing during the game. "I'm not interested in being your friend, strange boy."

We got the kids ring pops. This is what Peyton looked like after his was gone.


cynthia said...

we sure wish we could have been there for this great "first" in andi and dylan's lives. thank you for sharing the pics and the video. it makes us feel closer than we really are.