Monday, August 18, 2008

Spare Time

Sam and the kids have gone to Wyoming and Utah to visit family, leaving me here in Texas alone with my thoughts. That's kind of scary. She mentioned the other day that I should to the "quirky" post that she did, and I thought about what I would put on it. I haven't actually written that out yet because I don't want people to read it and then look at me with the "holy frick that guy is crazy" look.
Luckily I have the Wii to help me pass the time. I was going to get the new Madden game, but I read that it didn't have all the cool features on the Wii that it has on X-Box and PS3, so I probably would have been disappointed with it. Instead of Madden, I got Lego Star Wars. It is freaking cool. Over the weekend I reverted back into a twelve year old and played Nintendo in every spare moment I had. I've probably played it a little too much. How can I tell?  This morning I found myself walking in the hallway at work brandishing a non-existent lightsaber and looking for piles of Lego to build into bridges, doorways, or vehicles. Yeah, when you're doing that it's a sure sign that it's time to cut back.
While Sam and the kids are gone, I have a list of things that I need to get done around the house. Stuff like clean the kitchen, clean the bathrooms, shampoo the rugs, wax the car, paint the fence, sand the floor. Apparently Sam wants to have a clean house and watch me beat Kobra Kai in the karate tournament when she gets back. No problem, right? The kids aren't here to pester me for snacks or destroy things that I just finished cleaning. I've got all the time in the world after work to do this.
At least that's what I was thinking over the weekend. The reason I stayed home instead of going with them is I have a project deadline at the end of the month, and I'm working crazy overtime to be able to meet it. This week I had planned on working 64 hours, so I pretty much will be using my spare time to sleep. Somehow I need to work all that time AND get my honey-do list finished. Using my 20-20 hindsight, maybe I should have spent some time doing something productive. Oops. Guess I better learn how to get The Force working soon so I can just make stuff clean itself.


Heather said...

Speaking of carpet came to get that cleaner, but I forgot to give you the liquid back! WHOOPS!