Monday, August 25, 2008


Today was Andi's first day of Kindergarten. Woo hoo! Sob, sniff. We were excited/nervous for her. Grandma Sloan bought her a book called "The Night Before Kindergarten" that we read to her last night. She enjoyed it because in the story, the kids had fun and the parents got sad and cried. Yeah, like that would happen. So, we dropped her off this morning, which was pretty quick and uneventful. She has a good time at school from what we heard, and she got a smiley face stamp on her behavior chart. Yeah, only 181 (or so) more of those to go!

Here are couple of pictures...

Here she is getting her hair done. I decided I need to buy a shotgun.

In front of her classroom. She's in Mrs. Owen's class. Andi said she is really nice.

Kindergarten, feel the excitement!
We figured she was a little nervous when she first got there, that's why she looked like this.

Overall it sounds like she had a good day in school. She told us about the rules of raising your hand when you want to talk and that you need to be quiet when the teacher is talking. She also told us about a girl who said "Hey friend, come here and play with me" and Andi said "I'm not your friend, my name's Andi." Guess we need to work on the meeting new people thing. I think I'll leave that up to her mother, because my idea of getting to know new people is sputtering out sentence fragments and lighting things on fire.


aubrey said...

Yeah I can remember that stage of "friendship" with Cameron...thank heaven it passes...

The Johnson Family said...

Can I just say how cute Andi looks for her first day of school.
It is so weird to think that our little kids are old enough to go to school. Our kindergarten is all seems like they are gone forever. I hope Andi continues to like it.
Loved seeing the pictures!!

beckyjune said...

So fun. Hailey got to meet her preschool teacher tonight and tomorrow we're going to an open house to see her classroom, etc. I think I am more nervous about her starting than she is. Almost. I don't think that girl said more than 10 words while her teacher was here.

Oh, by the way, I left you something on my blog. You'll have to go check it out. Are you guys still coming to see us?

Quinn and Ang said...

She looks so grown up!! I can't believe it!! And can I just say that your blog cracks me up! I just don't always know what to say!