Saturday, May 17, 2008

We Live in a Full House

I was looking at some blogs this morning, and the kids kept asking who everyone in the pictures were. I kept saying "you don't know them" and "you probably don't know them either". Until I went to Brandon and Diedre's blog. I figured they should know who those people are. I showed them this pictured of Brandon and asked who it is.

Andi: "It's Uncle Barton!"
Me: "No, that's close but not right."
Dylan "It's Uncle Jessie!"
Me: "Wow. Ummm, no."

(Wrong on both counts)

Me: "It's Uncle Brandon."
So I guess the kids have watched Full House a time or two, and don't really know who their uncles are. Sorry, Brandon. We'll work on it.


Brandon and Diedre Sloan said...

Why is it that everyone always calls me Uncle Barton, is he the favorite uncle? Cuz seriously I am way cooler than Barton!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that its pretty apparent who is the favorite Uncle out of Brandon and I! At least Andy remembered ME!! Too bad I had to break her heart!! It was probably for the best though incest is looked down upon now.... something about having children born with 3 heads that worries people!! -Barton

Cam said...

Barton, you are not Andi's favorite anymore because you misspelled her name. Oops.