Saturday, March 08, 2008

That's It, I'm Calling Your Mother!

Tonight we went shopping. Just the normal weekly groceries, paint for the game room, that sort of thing. Well, my phone kept beeping in my pocket, but that's pretty normal when it's there, because I usually end up bumping into things, and pushing buttons. I finally looked at it, and saw the symbol that meant I had a text message. Bet you can't guess who from... Yup, Jared P.! In case you missed it, we have been in a text message war with a teenage boy for over a month now. He called a week ago, or so, and I told him (verbally) that he had the wrong number. We then didn't hear anything for a while, and we thought the case was closed, but since he sent 3 text messages between 10:15 am and 1:00 pm, I decided that our little friend really was even slower on the uptake than we had originally given him credit for. Seems we vastly overestimated our little friend's powers of retention. So, I decided to go to the higher authority. That's right HIS MOTHER! I called the number, and this is how it went:


Hello, is this Jared?


May I please speak to your mother?

Um, Yeah...


Hello, my name is Samantha Carter, and your son has been texting me, and calling me thinking that I am somebody else. I have tried several times to convince him that he's got the wrong number, but I don't seem to be getting through to him.


I'm sorry for calling, but we don't have a text plan, and it costs us 25 cents every time we send or receive a text message, and I would just really like it to stop.

I am SO sorry! What's the number?


Okay, I am deleting that number from his phone. I am so sorry again. How much do we owe you?

I'm not really sure, my mom pays the bill, but I do know it's about 25 cents each time.

Okay, well let us know, we will reimburse you. Can you hold on a minute? I would like to speak to him real quick.

There's a slight pause where I hear a muffled account of what she's telling her son. Then he comes back on the phone. (Great! I never thought I would hear his voice again...)


Hey, I'm sorry to get your mom involved, but I didn't think you were understanding me. It's been fun though... Take care.

That's alright, bye.

Let's hope that's the last we hear of Jared P. I'd really hate to have to repeat the procedure. I still can't believe that I actually apologized to the kid, but hey, he has my number, and if he were mad, I'm sure he would use it.


Tiffany said...

He is extremely slow on the uptake. Good thinking on talking to the mom though.

Mandy said...

Maybe he deleted your number then asked the kid he was trying to reach her real number but she really doesn't know her own number and keeps giving him yours by mistake. Just a thought. It is hard to believe some kids are really that dense. My latest text annoyance is spam. I was awakened at 11:53pm by a text message saying I had a crush and had to go to or something like that. I recieved 5 such messages about crushes and lowering my debt from and Andy got some too. Expensive trash. I fixed it though. Found out you can block text messages from specific people. You may want to look into that with this communicationally challenged kid.