Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day Fun Facts

St. Patrick is the patron saint of those who find joy in inflicting pain upon others.
More elementary school kids willingly write on themselves with green markers on this day than every other day combined.
The St. Patrick's day parade in Chicago has been helping innocent men escape pursuing U.S. Marshalls since 1993.
People in Georgia celebrate St. Patrick's day by letting their dogs drink out of the toilet bowl (assuming they have the blue cleaning tablets in their tank).
86% of people who buy "Kiss me I'm Irish" shirts aren't Irish, they're just lonely.
The Red Sox push the boundaries of annoying by wearing green jerseys.
It's not ok to pinch someone who isn't wearing green when you're old enough to drive (so says my boss).


beckyjune said...

That was so wonderfully informative. Thanks. Oh, by the way, Tag- you're it. Read my blog for all the fun details. If only I had more friends I wouldn't have to keep tagging you every time I get tagged. Have fun! And, Happy Easter.