Friday, January 11, 2008


Every year I make New Year's Resolutions. Most years I don't keep them, as I have pointed out before. Here is a list of what I kinda resolved to do this year:
Lose Weight - This one is more of a tradition than an actual resolution. I'm pushing 30, so I should actually do this. And this is the year that it will happen. (Sure it is). To lose weight I would probably need to stop drinking Mountain Dew, and there are no signs of that happening any time soon.
Stop Procrastinating - Says the man making a list of resolutions on January 11th.
Don't use my vacation time too soon - The very first day that I was supposed to go back to work, I took a vacation day. I had a good reason to save vacation time for the end of last year with the baby being born and all, but I was barely able to squeak out having two days worth when the baby was born. At least this year I don't have to plan on a wedding or anything since all the siblings are married.
Don't yell at the kids so much - This was something I was trying to do over Christmas break. I kept saying saying to myself "That whole not yelling thing isn't going so well" by 11:30 every day. This really is something I should work on. I just think that subconsciously I get a kick out of yelling "Hey, stop yelling!" at the kids.
Quit swearing in front of the kids - Another one I should really work on. Andi and Dylan have had discussions of who can say "Damn it" and when. (Only daddy, and only in the car when someone else is going slow). I guess I can preemptively call off plans for my Father-of-the-Year celebration.
Finish what I start - I have a bad habit of starting something, then not finishing it because I end up getting bored with it. Like our fence. I started painting it hmmmmmmm, October of 2006 and it's still not finished. Yeah, I should probably finish things like that.
Don't drink so much pop (or what Texans refer to as Coke, no matter if it's Coke, Pepsi, Mt Dew, etc.) - Hahahahahaha.
That should do it for my list of semi-attainable yet probably not gonna happen resolutions. I'll probably check back on this in a few months and laugh at myself.