Sunday, January 13, 2008

Birthday Party Extravaganza

We had Andi's birthday party yesterday. Last year we did the party on her birthday, and two people came. This year more people showed up, presumably because more people were in town. We decided to tell people it would be from 1:30 - 2:30. At first that sounded really short, but then the party started and I'm glad it was just an hour. I didn't do an official head count, but I think 723 kids showed up.

The kids seemed at least mildly entertained by the games. There was much confusion with the spoon on the egg egg on the spoon race. Two girls did a suspiciously good job at pin the tail on the donkey. Then we put some rolos in balloons and had the kids pop them. There were two kids who popped the balloons themselves, and they got the most candy. All the other kids said "I can't do it" and brought balloons to me, or just stood in a corner and covered their ears.

Aubrey made this totally awesome cake. She is the coolest.

Since there was leftover cake, the children got chocolate cake for breakfast. It reminded me of the Bill Cosby routine. I don't know if this will work, but here's a link to the video if it doesn't.

I tried to get the kids to sing "Dad is great. Gives us the chocolate cake." but they just looked at me and said "Daddy, stop being silly." We'll try that again in September April after Peyton's birthday.


aubrey said...

1-Spoon on the egg race? I'm a little confused by that one myself...unless you meant egg on the spoon race. Then I get it.

2-Correct me if I am wrong but I don't believe you have a child who was born in September.

It's almost like you have a new baby and tried to post a coherent blog entry at the crack of dawn...

Cam said...

Oops. I have no idea where September came from.