Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The World We Live In

I don't watch the news very much. I mostly just watch Sports Center and call it good. I figure if something earth shattering is happening, they'll mention it between the scores or something. I think I'd just rather not watch the news after seeing some of these headlines in the past week:

Man kills Good Samaritans on freeway. - This happened in Dallas. I used to not stop to help people on the road because I know nothing about cars and could provide no help except to say "Woah, that's bad." Now I have this reason too.

Wife free after 67 days for killing husband - Well, I hope she learned her lesson.

Playground spontaneously burns - I knew those things could get hot in the sun, but that hot?

Millions of toys recalled - I hope they recall that annoying Elmo thing the kids have.

Broncos 17, 49ers 13 - Aww, man.

So, to recap: Your kids can't play with certain toys, but you can't take them to the park to get them away from their deadly toys because the playground could spontaneously combust. Getting to the park is not safe because who knows when someone is going to shoot at you, and if that person is a good aim they may spend just over two months in the clink. On the bright side of all this, the 49ers are 1-0 in morale victories so far.