Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ladies Man

Yesterday Sam went to get her hair cut, so that left me with watching the kids. The mall we went to has a little play area for kids. One of the toys in the play area that a little convertable car the kids could sit in. Andi and Dylan got a chance to sit in the car at one point. They didn't do much but sit in it. Andi left after a while, and Dylan slid over to the driver's seat. Not too long after Andi left, two girls climbed in the car next to Dylan, and they sat in the car with him for a while. I couldn't hear what he was saying to them, but I'm sure that it was along the lines of "Hey baby, you come here often."

We left the play area, and Sam was still getting her hair cut, so I took the kids to lunch at McDonald's. I let them play in the Play Place because they don't get to do it often and we had time to kill since apparently Sam had a lot of hair. Andi was too afraid to climb up into the fun area of the Play Place, so Dylan ventured up there by himself. I would see him running past on a bridge every now and then, and he would sometimes stop to say "Hi" and wave. That is, until some girls joined him in the Play Place. After that, he was running around and playing with four or five girls. I think I heard him say something like "Your eyes are as pretty and blue as my Superman pajamas" to one of them.

Sometimes I worry about Dylan and his social skills (since somedays the only things he says to his mother are "No" and "Mommy, I pooped!"), but after yesterday I think he's going to be ok.