Thursday, May 24, 2007

Unfairly Typecast

On May 19th, Sam's brother Barton got married in the Salt Lake Temple. He is the last sibling of ours to get married, so from now on my summer vacation time can start going to vacations instead of weddings. Woo hoo! The wedding and festivities were all good. We took our camera, our camcorder, and Andi's camera, but we didn't take a single picture. Some people did, and if I ever get a hold of a good one I may stick it up here.

Since we flew down (thanks to Sam's Dad), we had to rent a car while we were there. I thought "hey cool, it'll be a little break from the silver minivan." How wrong I was. We ended up getting a mini van. And it was silver. And it had Texas plates on it. It's like we hadn't even left home. The guy at the counter didn't even ask me if I wanted to upgrade to a convertible. He just said "So, you're getting the minivan." I filled out my paperwork, and he told me to haul myself, my luggage, and my thirty children up the escalator to the place where the shuttle would pick us up and take us to our glorious silver minivan. Hoorah.

It's sad to me that I can't even go on vacation and get away from a silver minivan. I'm not gonna drive one of those for the rest of my life. I hope.

The nice gentleman who didn't offer me a convertible did offer the loss damage waiver for $12.99 a day. I thought, "Nah, what could happen?" Well, we got a rock chip in the windshield of the Speed Racer. D'oh! I guess karma or whatever thought I would feel more at home with a rock chip in my rented car to match the one I have at home. Fixing the rock chip only cost $25, so it cost less than the loss damage waiver. Take that, rental car company! I win again! Ha! Wait, you charge how much to rent a silver minivan for five days? Oh come on, that's not fair.


Aubrey said...

You guys are hilarious! At least she didn't ask you if you'd rather have a station wagon.