Monday, April 16, 2007

Sorting Through Junk Mail

I think that GMail does a pretty good job of filtering junk mail our of my Inbox. The Spam folder is always getting over 1000 messages in a matter of a few days. Here's some of the stuff that ends up in that folder:

Seek Marriage: Ready to settle down and stop dating?
Way to target the right audience there.

SeizedAssetsFinder: Astound your friends with unbelievable deals.
Cool. I need to find me some of those friends.

True Love Match: Over 30 Single?
Hey, I'm not that old yet.

Win Big Here: Congratulations. You have $500 to play with on our casino site!
I'm guessing you just need my bank account number so you can transfer the funds? Sign me up, unknown person!

Older Singles: Being over 50 doesn't mean you have to be alone.
This puts that "Over 30 Single" email in perspective.

Lipoplex Trial: Feel great and weight comes off.
They probably need to test it on people before the FDA approval comes in. What could go wrong?

Hot Cell Rings: Do you need a new song on your phone?
So I can be a yuppie with a song for a ring tone? No thanks.

Free Business Cards: Don't pay for business cards. Get 250 for free.
Yeah, cause I've been in several situations were I would like to give someone my business card, but just haven't had one.

Restore Your Hairline: Natural, permanent hair loss solution
So I'm bald huh? Well, you smell.

Paid School: Get a scholarship for school
I'm sure there are no strings attached with that one. They probably make you tattoo on your forehead to get it.

Sleep Aid: Important medical alert about the amount of sleep you're getting.
Sure I could take a drug to sleep, but who will take care of my children while I'm in a drug induced coma?

Turns out GMail does a pretty good job of filtering out garbage. Hopefully the email from the Nigerian prince seeking help won't go to junk when it comes.


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