Monday, September 25, 2006


We are now in our house. It is a complete disaster area at the moment. Since the movers packed us up, we really don't know where anything is. Plus they marked the boxes weird, so you never know what is going to be in it. They marked one kitchen box "Pot and Pans". There was like one cookie sheet in it, and the rest of the box was spices and cups. Eventually we'll get it all unpacked, and then I can listen to the "Radeo" on my "Stario".

When the guys were unloading the truck, there was a neighborhood dog that came to our house and decided to hang out. It wasn't so bad except it kept getting in the way, went into the house a couple of times, and terrorized the children. Yeah, the kids weren't too thrilled to have a big dog hanging around our front yard. Andi is crazy scared of dogs, and as of Saturday morning so is Dylan. The worst thing about the dog is it wanted to play with Dylan's stuffed lion. The same lion that Dylan carries with him everywhere and doesn't like to go to sleep without. Stupid dog.

So, some day we'll be hooked up with DSL in our house, and I'll be able to put pictures up. Until then, it's all text, baby.


Aubrey said...

I guess you don't have to read/graduate high school to pack a few boxes and drive a big truck. When we moved I had to tell the guy how to spell the word frame and most of our boxes ended up saying either "stuff" or "items."

"Hey honey...which box did our items end up in?" Seriously...