Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A State I Dislike

Over Labor Day Weekend, we had the chance to drive to Northern Idaho to spend some time with Sam’s mom and sister. The drive up there was rather long, 780 miles long (which is nothing compared to driving anywhere from Texas). It took us 12 hours to drive there. Unfortunately, about 350 of those miles were in what I think is the worst state in the nation. That State is Oregon.

Oregon really just ticked me off. 330 of those miles were nothing but straight flat road. It wouldn’t have been so bad, if the speed limit in Oregon wasn’t 10-15 mph lower than its surrounding states. On a road in Nevada that had a limit of 70 mph, in Oregon for some reason it’s down to 55. Most people don’t even come close to obeying that speed limit (because most people aren’t 90 years old). But it’s low enough to keep you going slower than normal, just in case a cop is around the corner.

They try to make it up to you by putting signs up calling you a pet name like “Dear”, except they misspelled it “Deer”. How dumb are these people?

Plus, they don’t even let you pump your own gas at the gas stations. I pulled up to one, and this guy who looked like Hurley from “Lost” raced me to the pump and asked me for my card. Hey man, I realize that most people in Oregon probably can’t figure out the complex piece of equipment that is a gas pump, but I think I can handle it. I gave the card to him because I may have looked like a pork chop to him and I didn’t want him to eat me. You never know what the Oregonians (is that right?) are thinking.

Maybe I’m a little bitter for having to drive through so much of Oregon, yeah that’s probably right, but I just don’t like Oregon. We should give that state away to Canada. Would you miss Oregon? I wouldn’t.