Friday, April 14, 2006

Not quite yet

Well, at Sam's doctor appointment yesterday, the guy pretty much forgot that he said he'd induce her today if things were looking ok. Well, it sounded like things were looking ok, but he still didn't do it. Jerk. He just sentenced me to 4 more days of searing hatred. And if the moron hadn't said anything about inducing her early last week, there wouldn't be a problem. We'd still be happy that the thing was going to come out on Tuesday. But that's not happening, and it's my fault.

I can understand Sam's dislike for me right now. I think I'd dislike me too. That Dairy Queen commercial is so true. So, I just need to hold tight for the next few days, and the baby will be out. Of course, I have to live through the delivery, which is my fault. Then the after effects of it, and of course the lack of sleep. That's all my fault. And I understand that. That's the way it is. But who's idea was it to have another kid? Sam's? Yes. But it's still my fault.