Monday, April 17, 2006


Easter is a great holiday isn't it? It celebrates the most important thing that has every happened. Too bad most people don't really care about that. And of course it has been commercialized like crazy. You can't walk into any store this time of year without seeing bunnies and candy.

I tried to explain the whole Easter thing to Andi on Saturday night, but she was mad at me at the moment, and just told me "no". Having children is great.

The kids had fun. They got some Easter clothes and they looked really cute. They also got candy, which could have explained their behaviour in the afternoon. Dylan was running around yelling and Andi was laughing at everything. If I had half the energy they have every day, I'd be in good shape. It's no fair that tired, exhausted parents have to watch these over active hyper noise machines.

Next year maybe we'll be able to hide the Easter baskets, so it will delay the sugar intake for a little bit.