Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hey look, pictures

Here are some pictures from Peyton's birthday:

Dylan looks over Peyton's shoulder in amazement. "It's a pillow. It's a book. It's Cars. I'm going to steal it!"

Ok, he didn't get just Cars stuff, he just did a good job posing in this picture.

It's the birthday boy "Peylon" and his groovy cake.

Andi refused to eat her dinner because her tummy ached. As she was leaving the table she said "I think cake and ice cream will make my tummy better." Yeah, look how well that worked out for her.

"Mmmm cake.

Happy birthday, Peyton!


beckyjune said...

oh...Poor Andi. My tummy has been hurting lately, too. Maybe I need some cake and ice cream. Do you think that logic would work for me?

The Johnson Family said...

Okay, so I am glad to see that it is not just my son who is totally obsessed with cars. That is all Jace plays with.

It is great to see pictures of the kids. It is crazy how fast they grow up.

Brooks said...

1. Is the present in the first picture a bag of dog food?? I know it's Cars, but it's resemblance to a bag of dog food is uncanny!

2. Sloan has those same shorts. I love them.

3. Ethan actually begs for bed if there's something that he doesn't want to eat. If I tell him that means no dessert for him, he just says, "That's okay... maybe if I eat my dinner tomorrow night I can have some." Wily kid gets past all of my attempts to make him cry at the dinner table.

Mandy said...

That reminds me, why is it that even though I clearly print the kids name to put on the cake, they still manage to mess it up? I think spelling errors have occured on nearly all ordered cakes, resulting in me making a mess of it to try and fix it to satisfy my perfectionist side. I think the most mutilated name was Naomi's...they spelled it "Woami"