Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Great Disease of 08

We've been passing a bug around our house for the past month or so. I've had it for 3 weeks (and I don't usually get sick), and the kids and Sam have had it at least once. We ended up having to take Soni to the pediatrician on Friday to have her checked out. She has bronchiolitis and the beginnings of an ear infection. They gave her four different medications, and we were told that we need to give her pulmicort breathing treatments until cold and flu season is over. When exactly is that? So, every morning we need to give her all the medicines. Those of you with children know it isn't exactly easy to give kids of any age medicine. It's like trying to give a rotten banana to an orangutan.

As soon as we left the doctor's office, we got a voicemail from Aubrey who had picked Andi up from school. Apparently Andi had a fever and wasn't feeling good at all. You know those parents of kindergarteners that just send their sick kids to school and end up getting everyone else sick? Yeah, that's us. Hi. Sorry.

Because of the pestilence we skipped church again today, making it the 17th week in a row we haven't made it, and the 48th week in a row we haven't made it on time. Oops. We're supposed to speak in church next week, so we're planning on both of those streaks ending. Hopefully.


Mandy said...

I believe flu season goes from October through March, although I had to deal with an outbreak in April. Luckily I never got it, but I always get vaccinated, and so does Andy. I usually vaccinate the kids too when I can. Good luck with the medicine. With Naomi I always had to dilute it with a lot of juice. With Sabian and Adora they'd just take it straight with no trouble at all, strange, huh? They seem to understand it helps or know it is important or just like trying new things no matter how nasty...yeah right. Wish I knew.
p.s. The verification word is "ohdlwaky." I like that one :)

Brandon and Diedre Sloan said...

Oh that stinks that you guys were all sink that is not fun.I hope that everyone is better or getting better.