Friday, July 11, 2008

Bad things happen when you turn 30

This morning I got to my cubicle, and it had been decked out in black "Over the Hill" decorations. (Some people also brought food, so it's cool.) Then a guy in my group sent this out to the rest of my group:
Join us in recognizing Cameron's hundreds of years of super hard and fantastic work by celebrating his retirement!
When: sometime this weekend
Time: 3pm early bird special (this discount stacks with the AASOP (American Association of Super Old People) discount)
Where: Luby's Cafeteria
please be sure to dress somewhere between funeral and golf attire (plaid and sweater vests are acceptable)
We will also be taking cash donations to give to Cameron so he can continue to feed his children.
Woo hoo, I get to retire! We're moving to Florida and I'm going to wear a button down shirt, khaki shorts, and long black socks. Rock on! My retirement only lasts through the weekend though, so I don't think we'll actually make it to Florida. Maybe someday...


Jared said...

Happy Birthday. Don't worry, you don't have to worry about colonoscopies or prostate exams weeks, or months even.

aubrey said...

Happy birthday Old Man! Ha ha ha. I hope that we never make friends with someone younger than me...