Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am Smart. S-M-R-T

The other night we were going through stuff in our room, and I found my collection of football cards. Yes, I'm pushing 30 and I still have football cards, so what? Maybe some day they'll be worth something. Or not. Probably not.

Amongst my football cards I found a piece of paper with some notes from my high school Physics class. I don't know why it was there or why I kept it, but there it was. I used to think that I was kind of smart in high school. I was in the National Honor Society and had a fairly good GPA. I though that I was smart until I read what was on this paper. In my Physics class Mr. Nethercott would from time to time have us observe some contraption and then explain how it worked. I'm not sure why, probably to get us thinking or something. That's what was written on this paper. I'm not sure what the contraption was, because what I wrote about it was less than helpful. Here are the words of 17 year old me trying to explain how a contraption works:

"The thing spins and it pulls the steel band inside. It does it because centripetal force is pulling it toward the center of it. Or it does it because when it turns that thing sucks so much it pulls the metal bands in."

I'm hoping that was the first draft of what ended up being a profound paper or something, but I kind of doubt it. I ended up getting a D in Physics. Good call, Mr. Nethercott.