Wednesday, May 10, 2006

RAM is good

At work I recently installed Dreamweaver on my computer. Ever since I did, the computer has been ridiculously slow. I click an icon to open a program, go to the bathroom, and get back just in time for it to load onto the screen. So, I desperately needed a RAM upgrade. Luckily my good ol' boss down in Corona was willing and able to get some more RAM for me.

I just installed it in my computer today, and now the thing is flying. It's like it had a good dose of caffeine added to it. Suddenly super slow computer has become oh so speedy Mr. cool computer. I'm trying not to let the power get to my head. I'll not make any plans to take over the world using my suped up computer until next week. Here I am babbling about RAM, and I was making fun of computer geeks in my last post. I've heard some phrase that may fit here, something about a pot and a kettle.