Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hey look, pictures

Here are some pictures from Peyton's birthday:

Dylan looks over Peyton's shoulder in amazement. "It's a pillow. It's a book. It's Cars. I'm going to steal it!"

Ok, he didn't get just Cars stuff, he just did a good job posing in this picture.

It's the birthday boy "Peylon" and his groovy cake.

Andi refused to eat her dinner because her tummy ached. As she was leaving the table she said "I think cake and ice cream will make my tummy better." Yeah, look how well that worked out for her.

"Mmmm cake.

Happy birthday, Peyton!

Happy Birthday Peyton

Our little man turns three today. Holy cow, time flies when it's not your first kid. Now that he's three, I can start charging him a quarter for every diaper change. He got birthday money, so I know he has some cash.