Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Basketball Bracket

I don't watch college basketball. I have no idea who is good or bad, or what goes on during the season. I blame this on my college, Idaho State, playing in Division 2 A at a home court that is smaller than my high school's gym. The only thing ISU men's basketball has ever done is beat UCLA in 1974. Woo hoo!

Despite my lack of college basketball knowledge, I like to fill out these bracket thingers every year. It's fun to see well I can guess at who will win. I hardly ever get more than two teams in the Final Four, but picking the right 12 over 5 upset is cool. Here are my Final Four picks for this year:

North Carolina vs Georgetown

Texas vs BYU (Why BYU? Because we haven't heard enough "Mormons have 4 wives" comments in the media since Mitt quit the presidential race. This would bring that back.)

Championship game:
Texas over North Carolina